Rainbow Love

When the dark clouds of misery are nowhere near,the flowing tears of sorrow are clear,and the atmosphere of life is fair,rainbow love magically appears.Rainbow love is a love with many shadesbut shows its true color when the smile of happiness fades.A love that disappears at the dawn of pain;a love that’s only committed to what … More Rainbow Love

Emotionalized love

We, humans, have mastered the art of externalizing our thoughts and imaginations into observable realities, the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, and the houses in which we live are all physical expressions of our minds. In the same way that our thoughts and imaginations physicalized themselves into our lives, the emotional feeling of … More Emotionalized love

A mother’s love.

In the Greek language there three words for love: eros, which means romantic love, philia, which expresses intimate affection between friends or a man and woman, and agape, which is the redeeming goodwill for all humankind. But the tongue of Webster (dictionary) was tied in regards to a mother’s love and his ink ran dried … More A mother’s love.