The soul of greed.

When pocket became the soul of man,life became merchandise measured by the price tags of greed.When pocket became the soul of man,life became plagued with foul deeds for the sake of proceeds.When pocket became the soul of man,the pocket-less were priced out from enjoying their need.When pocket became the soul of man,profit became the soulmate … More The soul of greed.

Rainbow Love

When the dark clouds of misery are nowhere near,the flowing tears of sorrow are clear,and the atmosphere of life is fair,rainbow love magically appears.Rainbow love is a love with many shadesbut shows its true color when the smile of happiness fades.A love that disappears at the dawn of pain;a love that’s only committed to what … More Rainbow Love


My heart grooves to the music of free will but my feet move to the rhythm of destiny.My lungs breathe the air of free will,but my feet are shackled to the unchangeable will of destiny,unable to explore the freedom of life possibilities.My life is like a choice-less leaf blowing in the wind of destiny. Destiny … More Destiny

The Age of Realization

Part IBorn with the eyes of purity,in the cold winter night.Born a female,soft and delicate like a flower.Born small,with rosy cheeks and brown eyesand an unforeseen future.Colorblind,she sees no color but love.Family gatherings, laughing, smiling, and happiness.She knows no bad, only good.She doesn’t hate, for she does not know what it is.Only love in the … More The Age of Realization