Everything in life is impacted by past events which have left an indelible impression on it; the earth has its craters that were left behind by meteoritic events of the past that changed its physical make-up forever. And the human body has its navel, a scar that reminds us of the very beginning of our … More Scars

The other side.

Life isn’t like the moon that only shows us one side of itself while leaving its other sides shrouded in darkness; although it doesn’t show us all of itself at once, it’s always unfolding so that we can experience its other sides. As life unfolds the different sides of itself in our lives, it tends … More The other side.


It’s probable that as newborns the first person that we had grown to love wasn’t ourselves but rather the person whose arms had become our home and body our sustenance — our mother. It seems as if we humans are hardwired to express our love outwardly before we have learned how to express it inwardly … More Self-love.

Human nature

There has never been a redline that both the thoughts and actions of mankind have failed to cross; we humans are desecrators of both God and man’s law, and we’re always trying to circumvent the laws of nature. But nothing in nature has ever violated the laws of its nature, which includes humanity; our thoughts, … More Human nature

His-story & Her-story.

Life is a delicate balance between the different forces within ourselves and nature, but instead of harmonizing these forces, we humans tend to promote their disharmony. Within man lies a feminine reality that he had buried, a reality that’s seen through the lens of masculinity as weakness, so he refuses to embrace it. The internal … More His-story & Her-story.