The highway of life.

Pain is the toll we pay to travel on the highway of life, yet many of us have tried in vain to steer our lives in a lane that’s toll-free of pain. The highway of life has a lane for every desire destination, but it doesn’t matter which lane we take to lead us to … More The highway of life.

The soul of greed.

When pocket became the soul of man,life became merchandise measured by the price tags of greed.When pocket became the soul of man,life became plagued with foul deeds for the sake of proceeds.When pocket became the soul of man,the pocket-less were priced out from enjoying their need.When pocket became the soul of man,profit became the soulmate … More The soul of greed.

The address of happiness.

If we should ask people to direct us to the address of happiness, we would be stuck at the crossroads of confusion, without having a clear direction of how to begin our pursuit of happiness. Some people believe that love is the address at which happiness resides, they see happiness as a secondary emotion that’s … More The address of happiness.

Opinions: social mirrors.

Opinions are social mirrors, in which most of us judge our self-image and assess our self-worth; mirrors that warped our truth and reflect upon us foreign views. Opinions are the gavel that brings attention to our faults, which transformed society into a courtroom of faultfinding, where opinions decide what’s wrong or right about the lives … More Opinions: social mirrors.


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