The currency of time

We were born in a world where everything ticks to the rhythm time; from the moment of conception, our lives were put on a timetable. While in utero we were put on a trimester schedule on which we gestated to birth; and even after birth, our lives were measured by time, base on the narrow … More The currency of time

Emotionalized love

We, humans, have mastered the art of externalizing our thoughts and imaginations into observable realities, the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, and the houses in which we live are all physical expressions of our minds. In the same way that our thoughts and imaginations physicalized themselves into our lives, the emotional feeling of … More Emotionalized love

Pimping labor

When labor first came into contact with the wealth of the earth, wealth was covered with crudeness and was unbecoming to the eyes; it was the labor that unearthed wealth and polished its crudeness with its sweat until wealth is enriched with usable and exchangeable values. But once wealth was ready to be enjoyed and … More Pimping labor


We’ve misplaced the problems we’ve in our lives by misdiagnosing life with these problems, but if we should do a self-diagnosis, it would reveal that these problems lie with us. One of the problems we’ve in our lives is that we see ourselves as having a life rather than being life, this caused us to … More Self-diagnoses


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