Opinions: social mirrors.

Opinions are social mirrors, in which most of us judge our self-image and assess our self-worth; mirrors that warped our truth and reflect upon us foreign views. Opinions are the gavel that brings attention to our faults, which transformed society into a courtroom of faultfinding, where opinions decide what’s wrong or right about the lives of others, their physical appearance, and views. But in the court of opinion, everyone is an expert in hypocrisy, pointing out faults in others which he or she has hidden within him or herself. Our judgemental opinions on physical appearances have misplaced the natural spectrum of beauty by putting it on the ladder of comparison, degrading it by grading it. Because of this, when many people look into the warped mirror of opinions, they look pass the natural beauty of nature (themselves) to find the ugly faults of fact-less opinions. But people are like icebergs, most of what we see are the least of who they’re; there are always more to people than what meets our judgemental eyes or can be measured by the narrowness of our fact-less opinions. Whenever we do decide to opine negatively on people’s lives, we should always bear in mind that some people are dealing with their hidden pain and they’re one negative comment away from reaching their breaking point in life.

We humans don’t know how to live our truth without trying to hold others hostage to our opinions of what the truth is. We’re so socially wired to care about what others think of us, that we rent out our mental space to entertain the negative opinions that they’ve of us, causing us to become evictors of our mental peace. Some of us care so much about what others think of us, that we’ve allowed popular opinions to be the choosers of our choices, pickers of our friends, and authors of our lives. Although we cannot live without sharing our lives with others, we should never allow others to shame us away from living our truth. Our truths may not be able to fit under the same roof but they can have a neighborly existence with each other. The problem is that the human ego believes that its opinions of others weigh more than their truth, so it condemns whatever truth that exists outside the jurisdiction of its narrow mind. But it’s important for us to realize that Opinions are the native language of the human ego, which speaks more truth of those who they came from than those who they’re meant for. We should never hang the negative opinions of others on our emotional wall, they will weigh us down emotionally, and allow the opinions of others to reign over our truth.

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