Conjoin twin of life: good and bad times.

The forecast of the futurities is shrouded with clouds of uncertainties but it’s also sprinkled with few certainties that are truer than prophecy; the certainties of good and bad times. Good and bad times are the conjoined twin of life with shared custody over life’s experiences; good times can never separate itself from bad times to gain sole custody over our lives. Our social standing in life cannot help us to navigate the pain we will face nor weatherproof our lives from the shedding of tears; nor will it prevent us from partaking in the goodness of life. We may not get to share equal time with the conjoined twin of good and bad times, some of us have shed more tears than laughter but the quantity of tears we’ve shed is secondary to the quality of laughter we’ve gained from life. There are times when life’s events flow seamlessly into our lives as if they’re mimicking the rhythm of our heart desires. In times like these, everything fits perfectly within our lives; friends wrap around us as if they were tailor-made for our lives and lovers are always present when and where we need them as if we were waltzing to the same love song. But the problem with good times is that they tend to attract people with unattractive qualities into our lives; people who love to partake in our good fortunes but part ways when bad fortunes introduce themselves into our lives.

While good times can afford to overlook the bad qualities of those who are in our lives, in bad times the character of these people will garnish the wealth of our well-being, leaving us broken with regrets. The lens of good times blurry our vision, making us see qualities in people that don’t exist within them, which allows almost everyone to pass the smell test. But life has blessed bad times with 20/20 vision, which allows us to see people as they’re when they no longer need their masks of deception that was used to rock us to sleep while we were inebriated by the spirit of good times. In good times we tend to be more like a Hollywood casting director that is looking for friends and life partners to cast in a Hollywood script rather than our real-life story. We made a list of what we’re looking for in our life partner that was written with the ink of fantasy; but whenever reality and fantasy meet on the road of life, fantasy always bows in submission as it gives way to the reality of our lives. when we choose a life partner with prince or princess mentality that’s unable to stare the conjoin twin of life (good and bad times) squarely in the eyes; we will find ourselves living a fairytale that’s unable to pass the reality check of life. We court the good times of life to enrich the experiences of our lives, in the same way, that a man court the caressing affection of a beautiful woman to satisfy his lust, so we open our arms to welcome the pleasures of these joyous times; but failed to realize that good times come with a plus one.

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