Mother earth: the quintessential mother.

Earth is the quintessential mother, she has never relinquished her motherly duties; while other mothers have summoned the midwife of life to cut the umbilical of dependency, mother earth has never stopped breastfeeding us, earthlings. The sustenance of her breast is rich with life-saving ingredients of which all mouths partake; and just as the trees take root in the richness of her soil, humanity takes root in the richness of her sustenance. Mother earth is a nudist, she remains clothe-less so that we can fully enjoy all of her natural pleasures. She’s the treasury of life yet she has never erected any wall of security to safeguard her natural treasures from our innate greed. We were born within the bosom of wealth, there was nothing that earth didn’t present to us; she even presents her own body as raw material so that we can clothe and shelter our existence from the harsh touch of nature. It’s impossible to avoid her earthly touch, her touch is like another layer of our skin, whatever we touch in life is an extension of her body. We need her earthly touch, in the same way, newborns need motherly touch; she’s the nurse of our weakness and the source of our strength.

Earth is a living being imbued with the energy of life just like any animated being, but the eyes of mankind only see her as inanimate soil and rocks that are impregnated with riches and ripe for the picking of our greed. And although we’re aware that our health is inextricably linked to that of the earth, our insatiable greed caused us to sideline this fact as we ravish her health. Mankind greed has deforested the earth scenic beauty, drilled away at her health; and make an unhealthy incision within her body for jewels which disfigured her natural features so that we could decorate our own features. And although nakedness is the natural clothing of mother earth, the emissions of our greed have clothed her in a garment of toxins. The tears of mother earth in regards to our self-destructive greed have surpassed sea level; as our greed grows in strength, her body drowns in weakness. Mother earthquakes with hurt as the insatiable greed that’s unique to mankind pocket her kindness while dishing out meanness towards those who are farthest away from her wealth. She quakes with hurt as we go in search of new earth after we’ve stripped her of her beauty, misused her wealth, and injured her health. We’ve failed to remember that earth is the stage on which we perform our existence; the bosom of the earth is the cradle of our infancy and it nourished us into maturity. There has never been a time in our lives when mother earth was absent from our lives; every step we took, she took with us. And this is why I consider her to be the quintessential mother.

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