Who are we?

Life is a riddle with many questions, even our earliest thoughts came in form of questions, with the most quizzical question of all; who are we? We were clothed with identities even while we were still in utero, these identities were tailor-made to fit who society thinks we are. But all identities are man-made masks that allow us to hide the fact that we don’t know who we really are. We’ve to sum ourselves up as skin, soil, and words; which given us a racial identity, a nationality, and appointed us a name. We were stamped with these identities before we were given a chance to figure out who we’re, and before we were even given a mirror to see the image of ourselves. But our superficial identities were not the only things that hindered us from knowing who we’re. As soon as we took our first taste of the breath of life, we were greeted by our wants and needs which caused us to identify ourselves with the things we want and need in life. We identify ourselves as being rich if we’re blessed with them, poor if we need them, and middle class if we’re comforted by them. Wants and needs are driving forces that carry us onto the pathways of life; the problem is that they begin to drive us onto these pathways while we’re still unconscious of who we’re and unable to steer ourselves onto pathways of life that are compatible with our true essence. By the time we become conscious of ourselves, we find ourselves wrapped up in the arms of incompatibility and stuck in a joyless career that’s not welcoming to our passion.

We’re present beings with nomadic minds that refused to plant ourselves within the soil of present-ness and enjoy the fruits of life which only the present can bear. We’re always trying to supplant the present moment with its neighbor from the distant past and its promising neighbor from the coming future. Although we’re entitled to lust after the shadows of the past and try to woo the uncertain promises of the future, the facts remain the same; we’re present beings wed to the realities of the present moment. We’re not beings living within the present moment, we’re the present moment without a passport to travel anywhere else. And just as water cannot dry itself of its wetness, we cannot absent ourselves from our present-ness; being present isn’t a pit stop on the way to some future destination. Being present is life’s only destination. Our eyes have never experienced life outside of the lens of the present moment; and although our thoughts can reminisce the past and romanticized the future, they can only do so within the realm of the now. The wombs of the past and the future are both barren, only the present moment is fertile and able to birth life’s experiences; we can still find the umbilical cord of joy tied to the womb of the present moment. We cannot sidestep the reality of our present-ness, our constant attempts to do so has sidetracked our attention from the crown jewel of life — the present moment.

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