Mirrors: truest reflections.

Most mirrors are artificial eyes that help us to see aspects of ourselves that are hidden from or difficult to see with our natural eyes. But, these artificial eyes are bendable and breakable which causes them at times to send distorted reflections to only natural eyes. Actions are the only mirrors in life that give us true reflections of who we’re; they’re the natural mirrors of life that reflect both the inner beauty and ugliness of who we’re. The actions of the big pharmaceutical companies in the midst of a health crisis are true reflections of their inner greed. When the storm of covid reaches its calm and we get a chance to look into the mirror of history; it will reflect the image of deaths piling up under the pricey weight of Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson. As the womb of the grave grows, the suffering of the voiceless cries out to Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson to waive the rights of their greed so that they could excuse themselves from meeting death. But instead of having compassion for the forgotten of the world and waive the rights of their patent greed, they callously stand by as their greed wave goodbye to countless departing souls. These Pharmaceutical companies have long smashed the mirror of their conscience, replacing it with the mirror of profit which beautifies the ugliness of their greed. They rather inject their profit motive mentality in the midst of a health crisis so that they can monetize covid than inject the vaccine of love in the lives of those who covet it most. But what they have failed to remember is that money isn’t the source of profit, it comes from the source of profit — people. Without people life is profitless.

The unjust actions of law enforcement against people of dark complexion are true reflections of the prejudices that blemished their mental complexion; making it difficult for them to see the image of blackness within the mirror of their justice. The mental complexion of law enforcement has melanized injustice by criminalizing the appearance of blackness, which is used to justify the unjust actions toward black people. The culture of law enforcement has used the ink of melanin to draw an erroneous portrait of criminality upon the bodies of black people and hung it in the mind of society. The culture of law enforcement has polished the mirror of justice with opinions that are biased against people of dark complexion; which has blurred its vision with prejudice and distorted the true reflections of our inner being. Although words are also mirrors of the inner being, their close relationship with lies disqualified them from being true reflectors of who people really are. So whenever we self-reflect about life, we should bear in mind that when we look at the actions of people, we’re seeing their truest reflections.

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