Human nature

There has never been a redline that both the thoughts and actions of mankind have failed to cross; we humans are desecrators of both God and man’s law, and we’re always trying to circumvent the laws of nature. But nothing in nature has ever violated the laws of its nature, which includes humanity; our thoughts, emotions, and actions don’t even have the ability to misrepresent our human nature much less to violate it. Our social, mental, emotional, financial, and physical well-being are tied to how well we understand the complexity of human nature; there are many aspects of our nature but time has only afforded me enough time to address a few. We, humans, are conflicted beings with conflicting thoughts and feelings toward the people we encounter and the things we experience in life. Our human nature doesn’t allow us to live a conflict-free life; conflict is the guilty pleasure of our human nature, our ego feasts on it and won’t survive without the occasional consumption of it. Our nature doesn’t allow us to enjoy reading a novel, watching a movie, or a reality show that’s conflict-free; conflict is the ultimate entertainment to the human ego. Sometimes our ego will breathe conflict into our relationships over insignificant matters, simply because it doesn’t know how to live a conflict-free life. Another aspect of human nature that we should never ignore is our love for freedom. Our soul is impregnated with an insatiable lust for freedom; it allows us to unmask ourselves and unshackles our truth. And although our body lives within the boundaries of limitation and is handcuffed to physical addresses; our soul extends itself beyond these boundaries, in search of freedom. It’s the freedom that gives our lives their truest meaning.

It’s human nature to seek recognition, we wave our existence at people as they pass us by, just as hitchhikers wave their hands at cars as they drive by. The language of the human ego is limited to four words, which allows it to form its most important question, “do you see me?” Our ego remains unborn until it’s certified by recognition; and just as the trees wither away without the shining of the sun, the human ego withers away without the feeling of being recognized. Recognition is a natural way for the ego to take selfies of itself, but instead of using iPhone, it employs the eyes of others. Another aspect of human nature that we should acknowledge is the need to be desire. We, humans, are saturated with desires, but in the midst of all these desires is the primordial desire to be desire; from childhood, we seek to be a desire by our parents, especially our mother. We have convinced ourselves that we’re special but for us to feel special we need to be a desire by others; to be a desire by others inflates the human ego, we measure the worth of ourselves on the scale of other people’s desires. But if we rely on the desires of others to determine how special we’re, we will lose the true measure of our self-worth; but unfortunately, we all find ourselves doing this. I guess it’s because this is just part of our human nature.

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