Racism: a man made disease.

When mother nature gave birth to her human offsprings, she diversified them physically so that they could reflect the spectrum of her natural beauty, in the same way that the rest of nature does. But somehow, mankind fell sick with racial prejudices which caused them to racialize this diversity and turned the natural beauty of nature into an ugly reality. Racial lies feasted on the superficialities of humanity; they focused on the outer diversified layers yet ignored the commonalities of mankind’s inner beauty. The unnatural ugliness of racism tried in earnest to denature the natural beauty of blackness by enacting laws that suggested that blackness was only three-fifths of humanity. Society has used racial lies to stigmatize blackness until it was socially acceptable to be commoditized, and monetized blackness until its coffers were filled with green and its coffins filled with blacks. Racism had demonized blackness to the point that it was ostracized societal love, social justice, human dignity, and everything good that comes with living in a just society. The natural melanization of the skin has been made into sin so that society could justify its own sins against black bodies. Society’s greed for things has vetoed its love for its fellow human beings; its greed has wrestled its love into submission and has inaugurated itself as the rightful ruler over societal life.

Racism has transmuted black bodies into annals of pain that recorded the spectrum of brutality that had plagued them for centuries; if these black bodies could speak, they would speak the language of pain. They would quake their unmarked graves until they become open mouths that divulge to the world the untold pains that are still etched in their bones. If black bodies could speak, they would use the Atlantic ocean as their mouthpiece to recount the untold stories of voiceless black souls that were jettisoned into her bottomless abyss. And they would give the trees the honor to speak on their behalf, because to them belong the branches that were used to dangle their bodies as human fruits in the off-season of human love. And if the bodies of black mothers could speak, they would speak the language of tears; knowing that they’ve given birth to black children in a world that disdains their blackness. They’ve inherited a wealth of tears from their ancestral black mothers before them; mothers that had become motherless due to the acts of unjust sales. Racism is a man-made disease that can only be transmitted from human to human, nowhere else in nature can we find this unintelligent disease; not even the so-called unintelligent animals are susceptible to this disease. Nature is pluralistic with no oasis for discrimination to take root, but unfortunately, the mind of mankind has offered itself as its refuge.

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