The side effects of power.

Whenever people are living among each other, power is brewing in the midst; power is a social phenomenon that has social needs, it needs the presence of others to fuel its strength. Society look at power with great awed and finds itself in constant pursuit of it, but had never paid too much attention to its side effects. One of the side effects of power is that it has an obesity complex, it’s obsessed with self — expansion. But this obsession with self –expansion has brought it into constant conflicts with both man and nature because it’s always trying to take from them that which doesn’t belong to it. And sometimes these conflicts drive power to use both its financial and social capitals to perpetuate social ills upon them. Another side effect of power is that it’s the excavator of our hidden character flaws, it emboldens us to reveal the defects of our character that were never meant to see the light of day. Abraham Lincoln once said, ” Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” This was exactly what the Stanford mock prison experiment did in the early 1970s. They set up a mock prison in the basement of Stanford University, dividing twenty-four students into two groups, one group played the role of prisoners while the other group played the role of prison guards. The students who were put in the position of power started to act out of character, they started to dehumanize their fellow students and act aggressive and abusive toward them. And though this experiment was scheduled to last for fourteen days, they had to put an end to it only after six days because of the abuses that the students who were placed in power were issuing out to their fellow students.

Power has a dysfunctional relationship with boundaries, the only personal space it acknowledges is its own; so instead of seeing itself as a part of the world, it sees itself as the world. This side effect of power had paved the way for the Me Too movement that has brought about the downfall of some of the nation’s most powerful men. Being that power has a dysfunctional relationship with boundaries, it doesn’t recognize the sovereignty that women have over their own bodies but rather sees their bodies as pleasures that fall under its ever-expanding jurisdiction. The unauthorized fingerprints of power have been an ancient plague upon the vulnerable bodies of women. But being that women have regained jurisdiction over their own bodies, they started a movement to shine a light on these unauthorized fingerprints and have found the courage to say #MeToo. Another side effect of power is that its love tends to be self concentrated. Nothing is wrong with loving oneself but when one loves him or herself to the point that there’s no more love remain to give to others, then love becomes an unhealthy experience. Self-concentrated love numbs the powerful from feeling the pain of the powerless; the pain and tears of the powerless are sceneries of an alien reality to the powerful who has tucked away all of his love within himself.

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