The fruits of freedom

Freedom is the first tree in the garden of life and the only tree in this garden that had never bore a bad fruit, which bears the fruits of self-truth, self-love, self joy, and all the richness of being alive. This richness is not the same as material richness; there are two kinds of richness in life, the richness of things, and the richness of being. But we are more inclined to appreciate the riches that can be possessed rather than the riches that are the essence of our being. Freedom has long been knocking on the door of humanity since we had made the earth our home, but we have refused to welcome it into our lives; because we’re wired to fear that which we cannot control. We’re living in a world where freedom has seen as a threat to the seekers and lovers of power, and it has become a reoccurring nightmare that keeps them up at night. These seekers and lovers of power had long realized that there is no such thing as a power that is independent of others. So they created walls and bars in the forms of social expectations, social restrictions, social emotions (especially shame and embarrassment), and social pressure in order to serve as social prisons to limit our expressions. All of us were born within the walls and bars of these social prisons, which hinder us from freely and truly expressing the fullness of who we are; and forced us to be divorced from the joy that comes with being ourselves. But being that we’re social beings that prioritized being accepted over almost everything else, we willingly suppressed who we’re so that we can be accepted for who we’re not or who society wants us to be.

Just as having wings doesn’t make a bird free, as is evident with the number of birds that are currently living in cages, having material riches also doesn’t make a man free. Being free is when we unanchored ourselves from every thought, everyone, and everything that is hindering us from reaching our full potentials and holding us back from stepping into the realm of untapped possibilities. The mind is rich with untapped potentials and possibilities, but we’re unable to reach them with our restrictive thoughts. And although we were taught by society to learn how to control and restrict our thoughts, this will only lead us farther away from appreciating who we are and our true potentials in life. Because the more restrictive thoughts are, the more deceptive they will be, but the freer they are, the truer they will become. Restrictions tend to clip the wings of our thoughts and limited their heights, which caused us to constantly relive, rehash, and recycle the same antiquated thoughts of yesterday. For instance, it is said that ninety percent of the thoughts that we think on any given day are the same as the day before. So just imagine all the possibilities that we could turn into realities if fifty percent of the thoughts that we’re thinking of today are different from those of yesterday. Our minds are impregnated with ideas that are capable of changing the world and our lives for the better, and all it takes is that one idea … that one good idea that will leave its stamp upon the world and our lives. But as long as we’re comfortable with being a limited version of ourselves, we will never be able to tap into the inner riches of our minds. Because a limited version of ourselves cheat us from experiencing the fullness of life and only allow us to experience the joy of being in a limited sense. And although most of us may feel trapped in between the womb and the tomb of life, the wisdom of freedom is capable to extricate and elevate our minds from feeling trap in between the two. And it reveals to those of us who welcome and appreciate its wisdom that both the womb and the tomb of life are not limit that is meant to imprison us, but rather doors that open up to the infinite realities that await us in life.  

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