“Liquid gold”: the natural currency of life.

Labor is the founding father of society, its DNA can be found in the railroads, the paved roads, elaborate buildings, and everything else in it. But we are living in a world that is constantly trying to cheapen its worth and downplay its contributions to society and the world at large. When most of us think of labor, we think of the work we do with our hands and the other members of our bodies; but labor is more essential than that, it is the energy of life that saturated our entire being and energize our every action. And it is this life energy of mankind that was used to bring the resources on earth to life; it was this life energy of ours that had to breathe itself into the crude stones of the earth and transformed them into fully functioning buildings, and when we transferred this energy into the fabric of cloth it brought fashion to life. In truth, wealth is the child of labor, it is a child that labor delivered into the world with its own hands and sweat. But once greed realized how wonderful the offspring of labor was, it devised its master plan to alienate labor from wealth. And it falsely claimed wealth to be its own offspring and then forced labor to produce more sweat in order to get a very small portion of this wealth. We are living in a topsy turvy society that is trying to trick us into believing that paper money is worth more than ” liquid gold”( labor and the sweat that is produced), but money in and of itself had never created anything in the history of the world. It had never shed a sweat nor gave a helping hand in the development of a society or the world; in fact, money itself was created by the hands of labor. When labor was drenching in sweat to provide for and to protect humanity, money was not even mentally conceived.

Labor (the life’s energy of humanity) is the natural currency of life, it is the original currency that nature had installed in all its offsprings and it was the original currency that we had spent to develop the world. But somewhere along our journey in life, we were accosted by greed and it persuaded us to exchange our natural currency (labor) for an artificial currency (money) that was invented by man. And thus, labor became the most exploited “thing” in the history of the world; we used and abused animals for it, we placed women in servitude positions in order to exploit it, we set up sweatshops in third world countries to drain this “liquid gold” from the feeble bodies of the poor laborers, and we even went as far as enslaving our fellow human beings for it. While the poor and the working class are busy working for artificial paper money, the rich are diligently draining “liquid gold” from their bodies. The rich have long realized that true wealth does not come from the storage of paper money that they themselves had invented but rather from the storing up of labor within their capitals. Labor is the warehouse of wealth and almost everything we are enjoying is impregnated with its DNA; this is true of our houses, cars, clothing, iPhones, computers, and other amenities in life. How is it that labor is the founding father of society and all its wealth, yet this wealth is alien to the working poor and working-class of society? This is because we had become alienated from our own life’s energy and failed to appreciate its true worth; so we rent it for dirt cheap and sell it for things that do not worth a sliver of its true value. We are trained to appreciate the well polished and finished products that are displayed in stores and the elaborate details in the fancy buildings that are lining the streets but not the labor and sweat that are embedded in them. And whenever we use our iPhones, we are more inclined to think of Steve Jobs (Co-founder of Apple) than the poor workers in China that had put more into this product than they have gotten out of it. And while we are bragging about our designer clothes and paying tributes to the famous people who designed them, the poorly dressed laborers in the sweatshops that are actually making these apparels are working in inhumane conditions for little pay and no appreciation. Humanity had survived without money before, but it never has nor can it survive without labor; it is the fuel that activates every economy, and it energizes every activity in society. Without labor, there would be no society, no economy, and no humanity.  

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