Our relationship with lies.

Life has been caught in the web of a love triangle, between the charming lie and the uncomfortable truth; she cannot seems to choose between the deceptive tongue of lie that caresses her ego and the honest truth that appreciate the fullness of her essence, even her flaws. The doors of her ears are ever welcoming to the penetrative voice of deception and the windows of her eyes are always kept open to behold its specious beauty. When the honest truth approaches her with an open heart, she hesitantly welcomes him through the side doors of her life, but when the charming lie approaches, she eagerly greeted and welcomed him through the front doors of her life. And this is why the wise rightly said, “…the ear is the side door of truth but the front door of lies.” The sexiness of lie is attractive to her lustful eyes and its carefully crafted deceptive words are orgasmic when penetrating her gullible ears. When she stares into his eyes, she sees infinite possibilities; not realizing that “there are infinite ways to tell a lie but only one way to tell the truth.” She is afraid to trust the honesty of truth with her deepest secrets, so she chose to lie to be her closest confidant, to protect … no, to hide the blemishes of her insecurities and weakness from the judgmental eyes of the world. With the sweet tongue of a lie, she concealed her true intentions until they are ripe for fruition. Many have tried in earnest to prune lie from the bosom of life, but she refused to loosen her grip from his alluring body; thinking that the pruning of lie will lead to the unveiling of her scars and the ruin of her beauty.

We have all been affected by lies at some point in our lives; we have been used, misused, and blinded by its many disguises. Lies have infiltrated every aspect of life; even the biblical story of Adam and Eve had illustrated how the serpent of lie had penetrated the paradisiac realm of life. It is easier to digest a lie than to digest the truth because it is the master of flavoring itself with the right seasoning to suit the appetite of those it wishes to deceive. Some relationships were weaved together by a string of lies, some were torn apart by the betrayal of them; while others never got started because some of us were wise enough to smell the foul odor of their facade. Some of us have been rocked to sleep by its deceptive beauty, and vote for it, helped in elected it, and inaugurated it to preside over our lives. But what if there were no lies in life, or what if we could prune them from our lives? This would unravel the fabric of our reality. The thrilling words of the phrase “I do” would have to be recanted by many, and some would have to prune the lies from their lives that are currently in between their sheets and cuddling in their arms. But deceptions are not always bad; some are used for protective measures, we use them to mask our insecurities and weaknesses in a predatory society that prey on these insecurities and weaknesses in life. Without this protective use of deceptions, we would not have been able to survive our earlier precarious existence on earth; and many oppressed people would not have survived the cold and brutal hands of oppression. But most lies are not used for protective measures, they are just downright duplicitous; disguising their true intentions in order to gain access to what they really desire. Our relationship with lies is a complicated one; to some of us, they are unwelcomed guests that tricked their way into our lives, but to others, they are seen as opportunities to live multiple lives.  

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