The present now: the gift of life that we have left partially unwrapped.

We were born without a past and without any concept or expectations of the future. But as we advanced in our journey of life, our present acts became the past deeds that anchored us to our yesterdays and our expectations became the magnetic force that drew our attention away from the present moment and wed themselves to the hopes and fears of our tomorrows. We spend most of our mental and emotional energies trying to resurrect and relive our past success, failures, and regrets and also attempting to prematurely deliver our unborn desires from the womb of the future. This had led us to become out of sync with the realities of the present moment. The memories of our buried past and the expectations of our unborn future have wrapped themselves around the present moment in an attempted to suffocate and squeeze it out of our experiences. It is natural to remember the past and to anticipate and prepare for the future but this becomes a problem when the memories of the past and the expectations of the future overpower our appreciation for our present experiences in life, and because of this we have become lost in our yesterdays and our unborn tomorrows. Our actions in the past and future endeavors are only as good as our thoughts, and deeds of the present now. In all actuality, no one has ever lived in the past nor can anyone live in the future, living is a present reality that can only happen in the present now. All past experiences are offsprings of the present now and all futurities will have to be born and Christen in the present moment before they can be deemed realities.

This present moment is a gift that we have left partially unwrapped, we are so obsessed with everything that is outside of this gift, that we have yet to uncover the unblemished beauty that lies within. We have become lovers of the dead (past) and chasers of the unborn (future), while we ignored the present moment which is the only certainty that life has to offer. There is no need for us to dig in the grave of the past nor put our lives on layaway until the birth of the future, for what we can only experience in the present now. All experiences are realities of the present now, we cannot step outside of the present to experience either the past or the future. We live in the present, make love in it, eat in it, sleep in it, and we can only be happy in this present. We cannot resurrect the happiness of yesterday nor partake in the unborn happiness of tomorrow; the only happiness that is available to us is the one that today has to offer. Far too often, we have tried to disassociate ourselves from the present moment, dismissing it as an obstacle that delays the birth of futurities; by doing so we took that which is a precious gift and turn it into an unbearable burden. What if the fishes of the sea should try to disassociate themselves from the sea, the trees of the earth try to uproot themselves from the nourishing soil of the earth, or the birds in the sky dismiss the sky as an obstacle that stands in the path of its flight…destination? They would be caught up in the web of confusion and encounter burdens that they cannot extricate themselves from without destroying their very existence. We are present beings that can only experience present realities, but the moment we try to extricate ourselves from the present now, we will become disconnected from the joy of being. When we finally and fully unwrap the gift of life (the present moment); we will experience the only paradise that life has to offer.

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