Problems: the stepping stones to success and greatness.

Problems are the midwife that delivers us into the world and they are checkpoints in life that everyone has to pass through on the journey towards his or her own destiny, but everyone approaches these checkpoints in different ways. Some people are only able to see the exterior rind of a problem that is decorated with troublesome appearance, while the chosen few are able to see its interior core that is teeming with the embryonic state of success and greatness. There are two types of people in this world, those who see the obstacles of life as unwanted burdens and those who see them as stepping stones to greatness. Goliath was a gigantic problem that all the warriors of Israel refused to face, except for David, who saw Goliath as a stepping stone to greatness while his brothers and the other warriors in the land of Isreal only saw him as their gravedigger. David realized that Goliath was a checking point that stood in a path that was destined for greatness; if David did not face Goliath, his name would not have been carved on the tongue of history and he would not have become the greatest king of Israel. And if Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. did not confront the oppressive forces of their time; their faces and names would have been washed away and lost in the ocean of oblivion. We will all come face to face with a problem in our lives that will either pave the way for our prosperity or drive us away from it and cause setbacks in our lives. The good news is that it is not the problem that will make this decision, this choice is ours to make.

We should never turn our back on that which we are destined to face because when we run away from one obstacle we will evitable run into another. The problems of life can either be harmful or beneficial to us but this is base on how we decide to approach and greet them. Almost everything in life can be harmful to us, people, water, animals, and even food can poison us, and with excess cause us to be obese. But there is always another side to everything in life that can also be beneficial to us; this is why we should never judge things by their appearance or by first sight but rather by insight into their true nature. I am sure that when our ancestors had first discovered fire, it presented harm to them and for sure it burned some and consumed others. At first, they saw it as harmful and ran from it but when they had learned the true nature of fire, they utilized it to better their lives and used it to fashion and create great civilizations. This harmful fire (as it still is today) is one of the greatest discoveries that humanity had ever made, and it helps us to reach great heights that we could not have been able to reach without it. Our trials in life are like fire, we can approach them foolishly and be consumed by them or we can approach them wisely and refine our lives with the benefits that come along with them. Buddha had once refused to help a farmer who wanted him to solve his problems regarding his crops, children, and wife. When the man inquired why, Buddha told the man, “your problem is that you do not want to have any problem.” and this is the biggest problem with many of us, we do not want to have any problem which is the recipe for failure in every aspect of life. We should never enter into a committed relationship with anyone who is not committed to facing his or her own trials in life because when the gavel of life decides to sentence us to our own trials and tribulations they will not stand with us while we face ours.

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