The spectrum of life beauty.

For some unknown reason, we humans believe that we have the right ingredients for the recipe of life, it has been ingrained in us to think that we know and could dictate what life should be and should not be. But what we have failed to realize is that life will never change its essence for our personal wants or desires. It is not the life that needs to change, it is the lens through which we see the life that needs to change. We have been programmed to see life through the lens of our disfigured thoughts which are constricted by our personal biases and give us a very narrow view of life; we then project our disfigured thoughts unto life and then revel in our own disfigured reality. We are all just playing a role in the movie of life, but we are not the director of this movie. life is not monolithic, it will never be your way nor my way, nor anyone specific way; Life is impregnated with infinity and she is always giving birth to the hidden states of herself. She cannot be handcuffed by our wants, needs, or beliefs; she is all of herself, always herself, perfectly and freely herself. Kings and Queens had tried to bring her under their control but her love for freedom was much stronger than their restrains; Alexandee The great, tried to conquer her but she broke the back of his foolish desires. Men had fought battles to gain her control, yet here she stands dancing above their graves. The beauty of life lies in the spectrum of her infinite diversity and this beauty can only be appreciated through the unadulterated lens of freedom, we have never really appreciated this majestic beauty because we are always trying to alter the DNA of life — freedom. I have come to realize that anyone who is under control cannot truly be his or herself, truthfulness is the breath of freedom so whenever we try to suffocate freedom we will smother the truth. The wise undressed life, so that they could see the spectrum of her naked beauty. But the rest of us are only interested in dressing her up in the garments of our opinions so that we could see her makeup beauty. 

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