The monetization of life.

The concept of equality has been developing in the mental womb of mankind for thousands of years, yet we have refused to give birth to it. In the past, it seems as if the world was on the verge to give birth to equality but the moment that we fell in love with money, equality was aborted. At one time money was a medium of exchange but it has been transmuted into the fifth element of life. We have idolized money so much that it has become as necessary as air, water, land, and fire; we have monetized life to the point that we cannot live without it and we can literally die if we do not have it. Now that money has become godlike to humanity, and greed had become its zealous disciples, there is no oasis for equality to take root in this world. Our lives have become so monetized that money has become an extension of who we are; this is what Shakespeare meant when he said that those with money take on the characteristics of money. In the eyes of the world, money is powerful, beautiful, good, and necessary; we also attributed these characteristics to the rich. Here the rich become powerful, beautiful, good, and necessary. But unfortunately, the opposite is also true of poverty; we see poverty as weakness, ugly, dirty, and bad, so we tend to extend these attributes to the poor. This is one of the reasons why the criminal justice system(especially police) deal with the rich so differently from the poor; they do not see people for who they are, they see them as the characteristics of their possessions.

We are now living in a “monocratic” society; where money is the law, where money rules, where we are classified by money and live by money. We are in a nation where politicians, judges, prosecutors, and police are all shadows of money; they dance to the hypnotic rhythm of this paper. The rich have rigged the system so that it is almost impossible for them to lose and they also made it difficult for the poor to win. This is evident in the great recession of 2008 when the rich were losing a great deal of money because of their own greedy and unscrupulous practices. Instead of bearing their loss on their own in the same way that they claimed their profits to be their own, they ran to the government to bail out and rescued them from their loss. The rich are always capitalists when they are making profits but whenever they are faced with great loss, they tend to become socialists real quick. This chameleon characteristic of the rich put them in a position to always win even in the jaws of defeat. We are living in a society where we treat those who have what we want and need better than those who do not have what we want and need. And being that the rich have the fifth element of life (money), they are treated like demi-gods by a money hunger society. We live in a plutocratic (govern by the wealthy) society where it is easier for the guilty rich man to be found not guilty than for an innocent poor to get a fair trial. We live in a nation where the rich are too rich to jail while the poor are too poor for bail. We live in a plutocratic society where a wealthy teenager can kill multi people with his car and the system used the status of his wealth to justified his crimes by deeming him too rich to know right from wrong (true story). But the poor youths in the ghettos that often lack education, lack good role models, and live in misery are not given this same treatment when they are working with far less physically, mentally, and emotionally. We have become people that judge others base on what they have in their wallets and the zip code in which they resided rather than what resides in their hearts and minds.

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