The Age of Realization

Part I
Born with the eyes of purity,
in the cold winter night.
Born a female,
soft and delicate like a flower.
Born small,
with rosy cheeks and brown eyes
and an unforeseen future.
she sees no color but love.
Family gatherings,
laughing, smiling, and happiness.
She knows no bad, only good.
She doesn't hate, for she does not know what it is.
Only love in the heart and purity in the eyes.
But there was one thing.
She was born black.
Born unphased by reality.
She would never be good enough.
But she doesn't know that
for all she sees is love.

Part II
Born in a world of hate
Hate in the color of her skin she can not change
Hate in her hair and nose that makes her different
Then she questions herself
Am I beautiful?
Am I smart enough?
Am I good enough?
Her bubble became frozen of ice
And started crumbling & breaking into pieces.
Pieces that can not be rebuilt.
For she knows now what lays ahead for her future
An unchanged reality,
Until she dies
She looks around and sees hate for the first time
Hate from one humankind to another
Simply because of a color
Through the eyes of the world,
we will never be good enough
She cries and cries
and continue crying.

Part III
There's no hope in this world to change
There's no hope in humanity to change
Lord knows we fight and we keep on fighting
But there's no change
We are still black
We still not worth anything
She closed her eyes,
wishing not to open it again
For this world is too evil
And the future is too cold

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