The future warranty on today’s love.

Our concept of relationship is stuck in the antiquated mud of the past; the traditional expectations that we have injected in our relationships have become the third wheel between us and the person we are with, these expectations have led us away from reality and into the world of fantasy. A relationship is a child of nature just like everything else in life, so whatever is true of nature is also true of a relationship. Nothing in nature stays still, everything is a constant state of change, and nothing changes more than the mind, which is the bedrock of every relationship. Our minds and emotions are always in a state of motion, even the circumstances in our lives are constantly changing. Because of this, we can only be sure about what we want in the present now, our present desires do not always carry over into our future reality. We can be honest and sincere regarding our feelings for someone, yet because we humans are like caterpillars that are constantly recreating ourselves, these sincere feelings may lose their sincerity in a month, a year, or anytime in the future. No check has bounced more on people than the check that is written with the ink of tomorrow’s promises. The promise to forever love the person that we are about to marry is a vow that all married couples have sworn to yet about fifty percent of these promises did not hold up in the future that came and went. We cannot make future reservations for the present feelings we have for someone, because sometimes the future storms of life have the tendency to change people, places, and things.

In our culture, everyone wants a future warranty on today’s love, and if we do not get this warranty, we become convinced that the person we are with does not truly love us. This type of love warranty culture is impregnated with uncertainties that will give birth to disappointment and heartbreak. We have become masters of projecting our love in the future and we have promised to carry our present love into the uncertainty of the future but sometimes the unknown forces that await us in the future have a different plan for us. Love cannot step outside of the present, love is in love with the present now, but man is in love with the unknown future. Man tries to force love outside of the present into the future but love refuses to cheat on its one and only lover — the present now. We can only express love in this present moment, love is a present reality, it is not some futuristic fantasy. Only the present moment is a guarantee to us, so the only love we can really guarantee to someone is the love that we are feeling in this present reality. If we give all of our love to someone in this present moment, we do not have to worry about how much love we will have leftover for the future. Instead of forecasting our love in the unknown future, we should broadcast it through our actions in the certainty of today. We are a culture that is obsessed with everlasting love, but the truth is that every relationship has a birth date and death date, this is the nature of relationships. We should not judge the end of our relationships as a failure simply because they have come to an end. Sometimes the relationships that we are now in, are only preparatory; they are test driving us mentally and emotionally until we are ready for our journey with the person that we are truly meant to be with.  

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