Emancipation proclamation: Setting the man free while capturing his needs. Part one.

America was a nation of two giants both were greedy, both were getting fat and both were addicted to wanting more which set the stage for both of them to clash. The civil was a war between these two giants, it was not fought out of love for black people, it was not fought because Abraham Lincoln and the North wanted to put an end to black people miseries nor was it fought for the love of freedom. Over six hundred thousand people had died in this war but not for the love of their fellow oppressed brethren(black people). They were trampled under the feet of two giants for greedy reasons and as the African proverb said “when the elephants fight it the grass that suffers.” the civil war was an economic war between the capitalists north led by Abraham Lincoln and the slavocrates south led by Jefferson Davis. So what were they really fighting over? what was so important to the point of losing six hundred thousand lives? It was labor. Labor is one of the parents of wealth ( and the land is the other) and without it, wealth cannot even be conceived. Labor is the engine of every economy, this was true of the economy of slavery and this is also true of capitalism. Why do you think that even in a global pandemic that is killing people at an alarming rate that President Trump and his cronies wanted to send people back to work even if it means death? This war was a war to determine which of these two giants would expand their power and which of these two giants would have control over black bodies. One wanted black people for their properties while the other wanted to use or misused them as rented objects.

love was not the winner of this war, freedom was not the winner of this war; the capitalists and their capitals were the winners of this war. The capitalists had no interest in freedom, they were only interested in a more clever way to capture the labor of black people without making it seems obvious. The capitalists knew all too well that all men are naturally shackled to their needs, they know that nature has created a bond between men and their needs that should not be broken. But this was their plan, to sever this bond. While slavery captured the man, capitalism captured the needs of the man. By doing this the man gained a sense of freedom but not the fruits of its reality. In truth, there is little or no real distinction between the capturing of the man and the capturing of the man’s needs since he cannot live without his needs. He who captured the man’s needs indirectly captured the man himself. Now that the capitalists have captured the needs of the black man (and all people under its control), the black man must go to the capitalists in order to live; to find a place to sleep, food to eat, and clothes to wear. The black man has no other choice but to become a rented object and rent himself (labor) to the capitalists. the capitalists did not abolish the plantation, the plantation was just too small for them; they wanted to make it bigger and global. On a global plantation they could afford to take the chains and shackles off the black man’s feet and hands; they gave him feet the freedom to stretch his legs. They recognized that a man’s feet cannot stray too far from his needs and they knew that they were holding the black man’s needs captive so he was only cosmetically free.
To be continued…  

2 thoughts on “Emancipation proclamation: Setting the man free while capturing his needs. Part one.

  1. I wish US history was taught more accurately. It’s insanely frustrating to know that throughout all of history we have never made decisions out of empathy or kindness. Always Greed.

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