The myth of equality

Equality is a mental concept that has never materialized itself in the world; when I hear people speak of equality it reminds me of all the other fantasies that I have heard of as a child but never actually experienced. Equality and inequality were twins that were formulating in the mental womb of mankind but the latter grew stronger than the former and smothered it before it had a chance to take it first breath. Inequality is the blueprint of oppression, those in power will never put forth any true effort to eliminate it. All oppressions are intentional designs that have their root in some sort of inequality, this is evident in sexism, racism, classism, and all the other forms of “isms”.When pressured by immovable forces such as the women’s rights movement, the civil rights movement, and the anti-apartheid movement, the power that be will rearrange the facial structure of society without actually changing the fundamental structure of society.Egalitarianism( a belief in human equality especially in social, political, and economical affairs) cannot exist or function in a capitalistic society; a capitalistic society has a pyramidal structure with few at the top of the pyramid while the masses are socially positioned at the bottom. Yes, we can change our socio-economic positions in this pyramid structural capitalistic society but the structure will remain the same.

Money is the great equalizer in the world of capitalism, to the capitalist’s money is God and with money, they have created the society that is beneficial to them. With money, they have created the haves and have nots, the homeowners and the homeless, the well-fed, and the hungry. The power that we have compartmentalized equality; they will give black people and women the right to vote, they will give us quasi (partial) police reform and quasi-social integration in order to distract us from their true interest but they will never willfully give us economical equality. The power that be will not allow the feet of equality to step into their bank nor the hands of equality to dip into their pockets, this is the red line that they will not allow equality to cross. Any compartmentalization of equality is farcical; in a capitalistic society if we are only equal socially and politically yet not equal economically then there is no true equality. Capitalism has structured society in a way that money has become as necessary as air, food, and water; as a matter of fact, we are not able to get food and water without it. Being that money under capitalism is a necessity, those who have it are the de facto(true) leaders in every aspect of society. The power that we have integrated the poor and the working class in the political system yet nothing has changed, they have integrated them socially, and still, nothing has changed. Truth be told, nothing will change until they integrate us into their bank accounts by the redistribution of societal wealth. Why? Because they have long been exploiting our life energy (labour)which is the source of their wealth. Why? Because they have forced us to help pay for their cost of production by discarding the leftover wastes from their factories and production centers into the air and water that we breathe and drink which introduced both health problems and medical expenses into our lives.  

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