Judgement day: Love has no gavel, love has no whip

Can a loving God really bring a cruel day of judgment on mankind that would separate love ones by putting some of them in heaven while casting some in hell forever, as is commonly taught by religion? To be frank, I think it would be unfair for God to judge man since God is immune from the struggles and troubles that man faces. How can a God that is immune from wants, needs, and the fear of death, judge mankind whose sins are products of their wants, needs, and fear of death? In order to judge, the judge must be able to walk in the shoes of the person he or she is judging. Why would a loving God send anyone to hell to suffer forever when love does not know the language of punishment? Punishment cannot be isolated to just the person that is being punished, when a person is punishing those who love this person are also indirectly drawn into the punishment. By rewarding some people with heaven while punishing their loved ones with hell, heaven would lose its identity and the dwellers of heaven would be cast into a conscious state of hell. How could people in heaven be in a supreme state of happiness while their loved ones are experiencing an extreme state of suffering in hell?

I had once read a book that is considered to be one of the lost gospel of Jesus, and in it, there was a saying that was attributed to Jesus that caught my attention. It said that “if heaven is in the sky the bird will get there before you, if it is in the sea the fish will get there before you.” Heaven and hell are not places to go, there are no addresses for heaven and hell to be located anywhere in the physical universe; and they are not places to which a loving God send us as a result of some sort of poetic justice. Heaven and hell are state of consciousness that each individual must attain of their own. This has been known by the ancient Egyptian priests, Buddha, and many sages of ancient times. But this knowledge was lost along the way and greedy unscrupulous clergymen started to indoctrinate the masses with lies that they are intermediaries between the people and heaven and God. And they have used the fear of hell to control the people for their own selfish reasons. We have been warned of this great judgment day for thousands of years and we will be warned about it for thousands of years to come but this great judgment day will never come. It will only be pushed back farther and farther in the future so that the fear of it will be in continual use in order to control the masses. Love has no gavel, love has no whip, and love does not inflict pain and suffering; love and punishment have never crossed the path and they never will.  

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