The ballot and the Benjamin: the two papers that decide the election.

In the battle between the masses and their ballots versus the powerful elites and their Benjamins(money), who will decide the election? Well for starter, we live in a plutocratic society(a society that is governed by the wealthy) where everything is for sale; in such society, money is the force that puts everything in motion. Because of this, the Benjamins have a head start on the ballots, it is the Benjamins that pave the way for the birth of every presidential campaign. Before the masses even get the chance to cast their ballots, the powerful elites have already cast their Benjamins into the race. Even before the presidential hopefuls can seek the votes of the masses they have to first seek the Benjamins from the powerful elites. Their presidential run will be determined on whether or not they can secure financial support from these plutocrats. Though these presidential hopefuls can enter the race without knowing where their votes will come from, they cannot enter the race without knowing where the money for their campaigns will come from. To enter the presidential race without money is like entering a Battlefield without a weapon, this would be political suicide.

The powerful elites have always had their thumbs on the scale of the election from the inception of America, they were the only voters in the first presidential election. In the first presidential election, only four percent of the population was qualified to vote, white men who owned lands. The wheel of plutocracy was put in motion from then to this day. The presidential election is about choosing who will be the President of the country, but we should realize that there are two phases of choosing. There are those who choose the choice and those who choose from the choice. We the masses are secondary choosers, we’re only given the power to choose from the choice (candidates) that are presented to us. The powerful elites are primary choosers that hold the power of both papers that are the deciding factors in an election, the ballots, and the Benjamins. With their money they have the power to choose which candidates enter the presidential race, they’re the choosers of the choice (candidates) and with their ballots, they get to also choose from the choice that they themselves have selected. The rich and powerful know that they have more money than they have ballots, they know that they cannot win or influence the election by the casting of their ballots so instead they put more emphasis on the casting of the Benjamins. Until private money is no longer the fuel that drives elections, the Benjamins will always trump the ballots.  

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