Blue crimes, Black pains

The system of policing in America is rotten to its core, it was designed to protect the powerful elites and their properties, while simultaneously repress and oppress Black and poor people. The tongue of history doesn’t lie, history bore witness to the mistreatment, the violent acts, and the dehumanizing ways in which the system of policing had treated black people. You Mister Policeman was never created to protect and serve the unprotected enslaved black people. You were police for others but slave patrol for us, it was your duty to make sure that we black people remained in the repressive and oppressive state of slavery on the plantation prisons. In your eyes, we were properties on feet that need to be under control so that the rich slave owners wouldn’t lose their most valuable possession. You had never once protested the wrongs that were done against black people. You had watched while we were being hung on trees like “strange fruits,” yet you had made no arrest because we were properties. Properties with blood running through our veins, properties with thoughts forming in our minds, properties with emotions bubbling in our hearts. This Mister Policeman was your original interaction with us, this is your legacy in regards to us, and this is why we don’t trust you even to this day.

The hatred of black people was America’s first experience with cancer, it was a cancer that went unchecked. It had spread and permeated her (America)entire body from head to toes. The criminal justice system was not immune from this cancerous hatred, it had found its way in the jury box, the Judges’ chambers, the prosecutors’ offices, and most definitely the police precincts. The police have always been and will always be the instrument of the powerful elites, this is not only true in America but also true in China, India, England, Africa, and every other country in the world. It had been said that we the people are the boss of the police since we the taxpayers pay their salaries so that they can protect and serve us. If this is the case, then we the black people have been paying for our own repression, oppression, brutalization, and unjust incarceration. We the black people are tired of seeing blue suits human robots killing us for sleeping while being black, walking while being black, driving while being black, going to the store while being black, or just for simply being black.

Blue crimes (crimes committed by police) against black bodies have gone unpunished and have been justified from the inception of America to this very moment. Though your crimes against my people went unpunished in the court of law, the annals of history will never forget these crimes against my people. The fist of history will give you a permanent black eye for future generations to see and in this same future, it will be said that these were the criminals in blue suits whose crimes went unpunished.

“Every prisoner is not a criminal, just as every criminal is not in prison.”- Michael Eric Dyson.  

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