On being yourself

We’re all members of society but all too often we have allowed our societal membership to suffocated our own individualities; there is a delicate balance between being members of society and being independently who we’re. We have allowed the weight of society to push our individualities aside to the point that we’ve become mental parrots that mimic everything that society presents to us. Through the power of social emotions ( emotions that others cause us to feel: embarrassment, guilt, shame, pride, etc) society has forced us to be afraid to express ourselves sincerely, which had led many to mask their true selves. We live in a society where being fake is fashionable; someone once brilliantly said: “that when we first meet someone we meet their representative.” People present themselves to us according to how they think that we want to see them, not who they really are. Sometimes when people unmask themselves to us we think that they have change but this unmasking is not a sign of change; it a sign that the wearing of a mask is burdensome so eventually the real will seep through. It is better to be a social outcast that is freely and truly oneself than to be socially accepted and carry around the burden of a false self.

Society had never given us enough room to grow into ourselves and think for ourselves, we were born into the bosom of indoctrination and raised in the state of double consciousness ( a term coined by W.E.B Du Boise). We are forced in a constant state of double consciousness (seeing through the eyes of others) where we are taught to see ourselves, and the world through the eyes of others. If we were born into a Christian society to Christian parents then we were molded to become Christians, and if we were born into a Muslim society to Muslim parents then we were molded to become Muslims. As if this is not enough, there are a plethora of so-called experts that are all too eager to inject their “expert” opinions into our lives. There are religious experts, relationship experts, financial experts, sex experts, there are experts for every aspect of our lives. But there is no expert of the self, one has to learn oneself and find oneself on his/her own. ” to find yourself, think for yourself.”- Socrates  

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