Shadow boxing with lies

Racism was a gift that the rich slavocrates (slave owners) gave to white society, it was a fraudulent gift that was wrapped up in lies. It was a gift that allowed white people to elevate themselves above another race of people. White society had gladly accepted this gift and used it as a stepping stone to better or try to better their own lives. the slave owners needed the support of society in order to preserve the institution of slavery and not sympathize with the oppressed black people. In order to do this, they invented lies about the inferior physiological makeup of black people. This gift of a trick worked as planned, the rich “slavocrates” have managed to reduce the humanity of black people to subhumans status, in return, the rest of society (except for those who were abolitionists) turned a blind eye while their feet were standing atop the heads of black people. Racism had become the trick that sticks within the psyche of society, it has become the lie that became a living reality.

We black people have oftentimes mistaken the lies that accompanied the oppression with the oppression itself; we have been shadowboxing with the lies while we ignored the oppression. Slavery was not racial oppression it was economic oppression that used racism as a mask and a tool to justify the exploitation of our labor ( our life’s energy) and to pave the way for the perpetuation of the oppression of slavery. The slave owners didn’t believe these racial lies themselves, after all they were the inventors of these lies. They had taught society that black people were subhumans yet they enjoyed raping black women, so what did that make them? They had taught society that black people were subhumans yet they had allowed black women to breastfeed their white children. They had taught society that black people were devoid of intellect yet they hid books from them and levied harsh punishment on them when they were found reading or writing. Why hide books from subhumans that we’re incapable of learning? Racism was created as a lie to help facilitate the survival of slavery but when a lie has become a part of a people identity it is no longer a lie to them, it is now their reality.

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