Social distancing of the rich: before the pandemic

The term social distance may sound like a new term to many and the practice of social distancing may seem foreign to the masses but in reality, this practice is not new at all. The rich and powerful have always tried their best to socially distance themselves from the masses and the miseries that their greed and callousness had created in society. They live far away from us as possible, they shop at stores that our meager wages won’t give us access to, and they send their children to schools that our children cannot even get close to much less matriculating (enrolling) there. The practice of social distancing is very expensive, you would have to be able to pay your way far away from the social cluster, societal miseries, and the decadence (deterioration)of society. What we need to realize is that those with money and power have the ability to socially position not only themselves in the position that they want to be in within society, they also have the power to socially position others in the position that they want them to be in within society. I am not hyperbolizing (exaggerating) this issue, the evidence of this is obvious with the gentrification (the using of economic power to displace the poor from their communities) that is happening in certain poor communities in Harlem, Brooklyn, and other places. In these communities, those with money and power had intentionally bought properties then raise the rent and cost of living with the sole purpose of economically forcing the poor and working-class people out of their own communities so that they can take over these communities and socially distance themselves from the former inhabitants (poor, working people).

The Rich and powerful have mastered the art of social positioning, they have positioned themselves to be socially close to the finest things in society yet at the same time socially distancing themselves from the miseries of society that a lot of their unscrupulous (unprincipled, dishonest) and greedy practices have caused. They are known to start wars that neither they nor their children have any intention of fighting and stay physically far away from these wars as possible, yet they’re the winners of all wars while the poor are always the losers. As Jean-Paul Sartre had said, “when the Rich starts wars, its the poor who die.” In their greedy unscrupulous economic game, they treat the poor and working-class, whose labor is the wealth of every nation, as “disposables” but as soon as the pandemic arrived these same “disposables” became essential workers real quick. The Rich and powerful have always seemed to find crafty ways to socially position the poor at the front line of danger while they keep their social distance from this very danger, this is true with the COVID pandemic, with war, and environmental pollution.  

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