Life’s mysteries


Who am I and from where I came? Are two of the fundamental questions of life. Who was I before I was given a name? Who was I before society had painted me with a montage of descriptions? And who or what made me who I am? Where can I ascertain the answers to these fundamental questions? Most of us look to religion, religious books, and science for the answers; but how can we trust the mind of men to tell us where the mind of men came, or any of the other majestic phenomena in the universe such as the sun, stars, and life in general? As a human, we are faced with many uncertainties in life, but the uncertainties of what happens to us after death are one that we struggle with from womb to tomb.

Life is an unsolved mystery with many questions that seems to be unanswered; one has to ask can we really enjoy life experiences when we’re so unsure of who we’re? Perhaps, we need to stop spending so much time and mental energy seeking answers to things that we don’t know anything about and truly start to appreciate the things that are a part of our everyday experiences. It is said that “silence is the language of the gods”, perhaps if we learn to appreciate the art of mental silence ( meditating) and put our thoughts to sleep for a little while we can learn the true language of life. After all, mental silence (meditation) is a mental light that reveals to us the true nature of things.

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