Earth: rich people heaven, poor people hell.

Rich man/Poor man

Poor people have been taught that they should not worry about the riches or possession on earth because their riches are stored up in heaven where milk and honey will be awaiting them. They have taught poor people that God has a mansion in the sky awaiting them with many rooms, while they’re homeless right here on earth. Why is that the poor have to wait until they’re without tongues and tummies in order to enjoy this so called milk and honey? I don’t subscribe to this “tricknology”, this type of thinking was invented by the rich to trick poor people who are the world majority. Historically speaking, the rich and the religious institutions have colluded together to control poor people by telling them that this life doesn’t matter, it is just a preparatory experience for the paradisaical life that they will enjoy after this earthly experience. While they’re telling us these nonsense they themselves are living debauchery lifestyles on earth and enjoying their lives right here and right now on earth.

I personally don’t think that God has spoken to any of these religious leaders of this era, they’re too weak for the presence of God. They’re milquetoasts(cowards) that don’t have the courage to stand up to the rich and powerful on behalf on of the sufferers, so how can they’ve the courage to stand in the presence of God. When you’re the champion for the poor, needy and the sufferers of the world you will face many obstacles from those who are benefiting from the status quo of the current social, political, and economical position of the poor. Everyone exploit the poor for their own gain, the rich exploit the life’s energy of the poor(labor) so that they can live a life of luxury and bequeath(pass down) their wealth to their descendants who in return will continue this exploitation.

The politicians/demagogues who are instruments for the rich and powerful tell beautiful lies to the poor and give them false hope of a better life after they vote them into office. But worse of all are the so called champions of the poor, the religious leaders who promised these poor souls a life of paradise after they’re dead and at the same time, still insist of securing one tenth of their meager wages. It is said that “to be poor means being unprotected.” Unprotected from police brutality, unprotected from judicial injustice, unprotected from homelessness, and unprotected from a global pandemic.

Happiness has nothing to do with futurities (future events), we can only be happy now; happiness is a present reality that we can only experience in the present moment. Why should the rich and powerful be happy now and enjoy what life have to offer now but the poor have to wait until life after death? We should not allow people, places, or things to dictate our happiness, especially when most people, places and things are under the control of the rich and powerful. Though we don’t have control over all of life happenings, we do have control over how we think about these experiences. Happiness is a present state of being, it’s in our power to be happy now; we don’t have to wait to be happy. Happiness don’t have to be a waiting game for the poor, we can determine our happiness right here and now on this very earth.

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