Why are we here?

We’re beings that were born into the unsolved mystery of life, a mystery that swaddled us in doubts and caused us to be possessed by the question; why are we here? If we listen closely we could hear our inner voice asking this question, and feel the uneasiness of our subconscious mind, being plagued by this … More Why are we here?

Love & Happiness

Both are the most sought-after experiences in life, the pantheon that we put on top of our emotional pedestal; and to most of us, the marrying of love and happiness into one reality is the holy grail of all experiences. Both are imbued with magnetic properties that attract us to the source of our affection … More Love & Happiness

What’s poverty?

Politicians play political game with it, universities do in dept studies on it, clergies give eloquent sermons on it, but only the poor live it and know what’s poverty? Poverty is the generational inheritance of lack: of education, resources, security, and economic justices; an inheritance that the poor earnestly try to disown but the gravitational … More What’s poverty?

pseudo monogamy.

Before there were sports, electronic gadgets, music, or any other forms of entertainment from which we derive pleasure, our first taste of pleasure came from sex. In the earliest part of humans history, sex had a monopoly on pleasure. Without social stigmas attached to sexual expression, people were more honest with their promiscuity; there were … More pseudo monogamy.

Lost moments.

My heart throbbed with joy as he stood before me and as I excitedly walked towards him, my thoughts became lost in the loving memories that we shared. But as I drew near for the hug … to reach out and touch him once again, I was awakened by the reality that my grandfather was only … More Lost moments.